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Let me ignite your spark. 

You are looking for a speaker for a conference or congress

You would like to increase the value of your event with a special inspiration

Your goal is to boost your team's creativity with focused inputs from outside? 

My keynotes are about individual communication skills that we use to achieve goals and develop personally. Successful communication is so much more than following rules. Successful communication means knowing our goals and values, using our strengths and accepting our challenges before we focus on our further development and ultimately on achieving our goals. In my lectures you will find out how this works for each individual, for each team and for each company.

Please find below a small selection of topics or make an appointment for your free consultation and receive your customized keynote concept - available both in German and English. 

  • SUCCESS STARTS WITHIN | Your success through communication and mindset.

  • PITCH YOURSELF | Learn from Steve Jobs. And make it better. 

  • STRONG ON STAGE | Self-confidence and public speaking.

  • SPEAK UP | 3 reasons why good communication simply makes you happier.

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